32. True Silver Series ~ Interconnect Cable XLR (OCC Silver)


Audiolund Interconnect Cable, XLR ~ True Silver Series, 1.0m

Limited inventory for Silver raw wires. Interconnect Cable, XLR ~ True Silver Series could be built based on Build to Order.


Designed and handmade with multiple combinations of 5N OCC silver wire, carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund Interconnect Cable, XLR ~ True Silver Series
– Use 5N OCC silver cables made in Europe, specially selected and imported
– Use multiple various sizes (10 solid cores of 15GA+18GA+24GA+24GA+26GA+28GA+29GA+29GA+32GA+32A) of 5N OCC silver wires in both the positive signal and negative signal of multiple wire combinations
– A total of 4m x 10 various sizes of 5N OCC silver wires are used for 1.0 meter pair (Total 40 wires) + 2m x silver plated/copper wires for grounding
– Multiple layers of copper/tin-cu film/conductive cloth tape/shielding
– Multiple different types of vibration control/damping material
– 1.0m standard length with other length options
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060G Tellurium copper with Gold Plated
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060S Tellurium copper with Silver Plated
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060R Tellurium copper with Rhodium Plated

Interconnect Cable, XLR ~ True Silver Series use Ten(10) solid cores of 15GA to 32GA per signal path of 5N OCC silver wires.

The three XLRs with Tellurium Copper, plated with Gold sound slightly warmer and the Silver plated sound slightly better for silky high, where Rhodium plated sound seems to be in the middle range of the Gold plated and Silver plated. Selection of a plug is a personal preference and is a skill of arts with personal taste, selection should be varied with different audiophile system setup. Note that this observation is based on critical listening on a balance system setup. Although the differences are noticeable, but it is not as significant as compared to different series of cables/wires.

The Interconnect RCA True Silver Series define new class for pure silver sound with a sweet, warmer, powerful, full body texture and fast dynamic sound. It is specially built with imported various size of 5N OCC silver wires and assembled with top audiophile grade aeco RCA plugs. The Interconnect RCA Cable True Silver Series set a new standard for another category of the pure silver modern sound.

My Humble Comments: Xtreme series XLR has strong WE sound characteristic and its sound balance, natural and neutral.  True Silver Series XLR has a sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamics sound, a typical modern Silver sound. Personally, Duelund/WE Series is always my favorite where sound more relax, details and musical to me.  True Silver Series has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body texture sound. In short, a classic vintage WE sound for Xtreme series and a modern silver sound for True Silver Series. To me, both the sounds are on par and are equally good, it is really depending on your system setup and your preferences and tastes. In another aspect, if your Hi-Fi system is based on tube amplifications, most likely you will prefer the Xtreme series, otherwise maybe you will pick Silver Series with Solid State system.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 38 × 29 × 5 cm


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