16. Signature Series ~ AES/EBU Digital Cables (Duelund/OCC Silver)


Audiolund Digital Cable, AES/EBU ~ Signature Series, 1.0m

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Designed and handmade with 5N OCC silver cable, carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund Digital Cable AES/EBU ~ Signature Series
– Use Duelund 2x D26AWG Silver solid core wires or new version use 24GA 5N OCC Silver solid core
– New version upgraded to use 5N OCC silver cables made in Europe, specially selected and imported by Audiolund to replace D26AWG Silver solid core wires
– Use 2 x 0.5mm 24GA 5N OCC pure wire wires in both positive signal and negative signal + silver plated/copper wires for grounding
– Multiple layers of copper/tin-cu film/shielding
– Multiple different types of vibration isolation/damping material
– 1.0m standard length
– Standard: OEM Carbon Fiber Rhodium Plated XLR Plug
– Upgrade option: Monosaudio Pure Copper Rhodium Plated XLR Plug

The AES/EBU Digital cable Signature series with new OCC 5N silver a better sound quality than Classic Series. The Signature Series AES/EBU Digital Cable has a sweet, delicate, powerful, fast dynamics sound and it also has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body texture sound. Signature series use the OCC 5N silver solid core compared to the Tin-plated copper solid core used in the Classic Series. The Signature Series are designed for audiophiles who demand the best sound quality.

My humble suggestion: Digital Cable AES/EBU Signature Series is a good balance for all Hi-Fi setup with excellent front end Silver digital sound characteristic. Disclaimer : All the Hi-Fi setup different in term of Equipment/Speaker/Room/Accessories etc. so, you may get different results in different setup. The above suggestion is only for your reading reference only.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 19 × 29 × 3 cm


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