48. True Silver Series ~ AES/EBU Digital Cables (OCC Silver)

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Audiolund AES/EBU Digital Cable ~ True Silver Series

No locking button on aeco female plug but no functionality issue. Highly recommended to place cable/wooden support below it for firm connection, if needed.
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Designed and handcrafted with 5N OCC silver cable, carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund AES/EBU Digital Cable ~ True Silver Series

– Use 5N OCC silver cables made in Europe, specially selected and imported

– Use 1.5mm 15ga OCC Silver Solid core wires mixed with 7 solid cores of 24GA+26GA+28GA+29GA+29GA+32GA+32A) of 5N OCC wires in both positive signal and negative signal

– Use various types and multiple layers of shielding materials for shielding to reduce noise and RFI/EMI interference

– With unique damping design, use various types of anti-vibration/damping materials to suppress vibration and isolation

– 1.0m standard length with other length options

– Built with XLR plug option, Monosaudio Pure Copper Rhodium Plated XLR Plug

– Built with XLR plug option, aeco XLR AMI -1060S Tellurium copper with Silver Plated

– Built with XLR plug option, aeco XLR AMI -1060R Tellurium copper with Rhodium Plated


1) All OCC Silver wires version : 8 solid cores (15+24+26+28+29+29+32+32)GAs of 5N OCC silver wires

2) Duelund Silver Foil version : Duelund Silver Foil V1 + 7 solid cores (24+26+28+29+29+32+32)GA of 5N OCC silver wires

The option is to use 1) all OCC Silver wires or 2) to replace one 15GA of 5N OCC silver wires with one Duelund Silver foil V1, while still keeping other OCC silver wires.

With critical listening, if Duelund Silver foil added to the same cable series, the midrange seem to enhance and more apparent slightly, with slightly more focus and pleasant warmer vocals. On the other hand, all OCC silver wires series seem to have a slightly wider/depth soundstage. However, note that the difference is very minor and not really significant as the midrange and soundstage for both versions are considered equally good to me. 

Both versions are classified as same Pure Silver Series becasue both versions using OCC Silver wires, and both versions sound equally good to me with similar and typical pure silver sound characteristics, very organic, fast & dynamics. The decision factor is only if you like slightly warmer midrange or prefer a slightly wider/depth soundstage.

The Digital Cable AES/EBU True Silver Series define new class for pure silver sound with a sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamic sound. It is specially built with imported 5N OCC silver solid core wires and assembled with top audiophile aeco XLR plug, XLR AMI -1060R Tellurium copper with Rhodium Plated Tellurium copper with Rhodium Plated. The Digital Cable AES/EBU True Silver Series set a new standard for another category of the pure silver modern sound. On the digital front end, AES/EBU Digital Cable True Silver Series performs exceptionally well, well beyond expectations. The True Silver Series AES/EBU Digital Cable has a sweet, delicate, powerful, fast dynamics sound and it also has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body texture sound.

We do not use a precision measurement equipment to measure, however, the True Silver Series AES/EBU Digital Cable is tested and verified on a few different high-end systems (Transport/DAC), with no signal error, perform better and comparably with other famous branded AES/EBU 110 ohm cables and thus, it is confirmed meeting the 110 ohm specification. The True Silver series AES/EBU Digital Cable is designed to have the modern pure silver sound characteristic, could likely match well with most of the High-end system.

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3 reviews for 48. True Silver Series ~ AES/EBU Digital Cables (OCC Silver)

  1. Audiolund (store manager)

    It’s actually very good, a big improvement over my current cable.
    To be honest with you, I was hoping not to hear any improvement, so that I can maybe return the cable, but the clarity, soundstage, instrument separation and speed have improved significantly.
    Never knew that the digital cable could make a difference.
    Copied from Carousell. Buyer: saul_marantz 24 Jun 2021

  2. Kuan (verified owner)

    Took almost 2 weeks of continuous run-in to bring out the goodness of the cables, my patience paid off tremendously. If you know and enjoy Duelund cable signature, Audiolund cables are definitely for you, tonality and balance were spot-on in my system. As I understand, Danny’s cable recipes had gone through numerous iterations to arrive at where they are today. I use the True Silver series cables for all my digital, and Extreme Series for all my analogue needs. They are amazing once the cables started to settle in, just letting the music and emotions to flow through. Extreme Silver series will be next for me, hoping to taste the cherry on top of the cake with the selective use of OCC Silver cables. Truly artisanal products from an amazingly talented and humble craftsman.

  3. MikeJR

    Out of curiosity. I Ordered a pair of Audiolund Digital Cable AES/EBU ~ true silver (since my setup can use two AESU) to hook up my dac/tpt. i played them over numerous sound tracks with complex orchestra (some cds were 20-25yo). These ASEU brought out the soundstage with immense clarity and details from my system without the fatigue. Base was accurate,tight and fast. I have known danny for a short time but I’m swamped his technical expertise in building cables. Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore audio fan. Danny has right fit for your system.

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