Western Electric Sounds, with Duelund cables

* Excellent Audiophile Vintage Western Electric sound, reproduced by Duelund cables 

Quoted: The WE sound is balanced, powerful and refined with quality bass from the lowest frequencies through the upper bass. The midrange above is a thing of beauty; dulcet tones, seductive vocals, instruments of all types dimensional and present, all heightening the participatory elements of music. Burnished and Beautifully Seductive

High frequencies are at once transparent, lovely, sweet, burnished and beautifully seductive. The air and space between performers are extraordinary, performers appear on a quiet and focused soundstage whose width and depth are masterfully rendered. You don’t have to search to find the sweet spot with a WE amplifier, it’s all around you.

WE is the most natural, elegant and emotive sound anywhere in the known universe.

Duelund Tinned Copper Cables: “.. extremely vivid tone color, superb dynamic response, melodic sophistication, harmonic complexity, live-like timbral complexity, spooky imaging presence, natural live-like level of resolution, generous portrayal of soundstage & soundspace, a presentation so breathtakingly musical, and with such high level of intensity of emotional engagement, ‘vintage tone’ cables, with its promise to become the heir apparent to the now extinct vintage Western Electric. »» Quoted from Positive-Feedback, Jeff day. 

Audiolund cables are designed and handmade with multiple combinations of Duelund tinned copper cables (12GA/16GA/20GA). It aims to reproduce Western Electric’s sound using Duelund cables to achieve new benchmark of Performance/price ratio for high-end audiophile cables.

Pure Silver Sounds, with 5N OCC Silver cables

* Excellent Audiophile Modern Pure Silver sound, reproduced by 5N OCC Silver cables

Audio Myths: “Silver” Wire sounds ‘bright’ is silver plated wire. Pure silver wires do not sound bright.

Good quality pure silver wire in its raw state sounds wonderfully transparent and lucid. Silver does not accentuate the treble but does appear to allow greater appreciation of recorded room acoustics and ambience. Contrary to a common believe, pure silver conductors have no noisy harsh top end nor are unpleasantly bright sounding.

Where does the “bright” reputation of silver come from?

Firstly, many so called silver cables are actually silver-plated copper and these invariably do have a brightening effect on the sound. It is this effect that is often blamed on the skin effect – where high frequencies travel on the outside of the cable (in this case the silver) and the low frequencies closer to the center (the copper). 

Silver is a much more expensive material than copper and, in order to keep costs within reasonable limits, the cross-section area of silver audio cables is often compromised to such an extent that it results in a ‘light bass’ sound. Good silver cables, however, are fast, dynamic, and have no interruption throughout the extension of the audio spectrum, providing exceptional detail and instrument resolution.

Audiolund design uses 5N OCC silver cable to achieve high-fidelity pure silver modern sound. We use 7 different sizes of pure silver wire conductor: 15GA, 18GA, 24GA, 26GA, 28GA, 29GA and 32GA. Different types of silver solid core cables have different sound characteristics, including impurity levels. These elements have a significant impact on the sound. We only use very pure 99.999% (5N) OCC solid core silver cables.

Ranking for the Effects of various Audio cables (Personal preferences only)

  1. RCA Interconnect Cable, XLR Interconnect Cable
  2. Speaker Cable/Jumper, AC Power Cord
  3. I2S Cable, SPDIF Digital Cable, AES Balance Digital Cable
  4. Ethernet LAN Cable, USB Cable 
  5. DC Power Cord, grounding wire etc.


Table of Audiolund Cable Series

   CLASSIC Series

  • New audiophiles
  • Entry-level Hi-Fi system
  • Low cost system


  • Most Audiophiles
  • Moderate Hi-Fi system
  • Most value for money 


  • Top 2 Duelund cables
  • Hi-end system 
  • Best sound quality


  • Top 2 OCC Silver cables
  • Hi-end system 
  • Best sound quality

Selection of various Audiolund cable series

Disclaimer: All the Hi-Fi setup different in term of Equipment/Speaker/Room/Accessories etc. So, you may get different results in different setup. Suggestions are for your reading reference only.

Group A: Duelund Tinned Copper wires from Denmark

  1. Classic Series (Duelund)

Classic Series is the lowest cost of Audiolund series. It has the same Duelund Western Electric typical sound characteristic and the sound performance is still better than many audiophile grades cables. Classic Series using standard Duelund wires only, however we added multiple layers of copper/tin-cu film/shielding and multiple different types of vibration control/damping material. Audiolund Classic Series has the highest sound quality for the entry level Hi-Fi system/setup.

Humble suggestion: Classic Series cables have the same Duelund WE typical sound characteristic. If you own an entry-level Hi-Fi system/setup, the Classic Series cables should be your top choice. 

  1. Reference Series (Duelund)

The Performance/Price ratio for this series could be used as a reference benchmark for other brands of cables. Try it to believe it.

The Reference Series sound very dynamics, with smooth high and low. Sound density is also very high, with full body, pure and delicate, at the same time sound very musical. The texture is natural with charming music, rich information of premium vinyl/analogue sound. Duelund tinned copper wire has similar sound characteristics as the taste of the original Western Electric (WE) sound. The overall sound is very musical, and it does bring out the melodies of your music to give you a harmonious and relax experience.

Humble suggestion: Reference Series Cables are designed with a balance Duelund WE typical sound characteristic in term of Low/Mid/High range. It should be picked as a reference cable in a upgrade Hi-Fi system, because of its Performance/Price ratio benchmark for audiophile cables. 

  1. Signature Series (Duelund)

The Signature Series Cables have the same sound quality and characteristics of the Reference Series. Signature series use more Duelund wires, so it does add more full body sound, and the overall presentation is better. It has the similar Duelund tinned copper wire of sound characteristics, as the taste of the original Western Electric sound. The Signature Series is designed to bring out the melodies of your music to give you a harmonious and soothing experience. The Signature Series are designed for audiophiles who demand the best value in sound quality. 

Humble suggestion: Signature Series cables added extra Duelund cables and extra shielding/isolations to minimize the signal transmission loss and further improve the overall presentation of sound. Owner of Hi-end system who looking for high value of high-end sound could pick this series.

  1. Xtreme Series (Duelund)

The Xtreme Series Cables have the same sound quality and characteristics of the Signature Series and the Reference Series. The Xtreme Series is further fine-tuned, improved design with additional wire/shielding/damping and built with audiophile branded plugs. It is an ultimate Audiolund design designed for audiophiles who believe in quality of connectors that could bring out the full potential of the Duelund cables.

Humble suggestion: Audiolund Xtreme series has a very comprehensive and almost perfect sound, with a very strong sound characteristic of Western Electric. The sound is very natural, details and smooth with quiet background, and most importantly very musical. We strongly believe that these cables can challenge any expensive and branded audiophile cables.

Group B: OCC 5N Pure Silver wires from Europe

  1. True Silver Series (OCC Silver)

True Silver Series define new class for pure silver sound with a sweet, delicate, powerful, and fast dynamic sound. It is specially built with 5N OCC Silver cables, imported from Europe with various solid cores sizes (15GA, 18GA, 24GA, 26GA, 28GA, 29GA, 32GA) and assembled with top audiophile grade plugs. True Silver Series set a new benchmark standard for pure silver modern sound.

Humble Comments: Xtreme series has strong WE sound characteristic and its sound balance, natural and neutral.  True Silver Series has a sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamics sound, a typical modern silver sound. Personally, Duelund/WE Series is always my favorite where sound more relax, details and musical to me.  True Silver Series has a stronger tone, slightly warmer with richer full body texture sound. In short, a classic vintage WE sound for Xtreme series and a modern silver sound for True Silver Series. To me, both sounds are on par and are equally good; it is really depending on your system setup and your preferences and tastes.

Group C: Duelund Tinned Copper wires mixed with OCC 5N Pure Silver wires

  1. Xtreme Silver Series (Duelund + OCC Silver)

Xtreme Silver Series uses 12GA/16GA/20GA of Duelund tinned copper wires mixed with 18GA to 32GA solid cores of 5N OCC silver wires. Xtreme Silver Series will have best of Xtreme series and True Silver Series, although the sound characteristics are not as distinct as the Xtreme series and True Silver series by itself. Xtreme Silver series has the very comprehensive and almost perfect sound of the Xtreme series, with the sound characteristics of Western Electric. The sound is very natural and smooth with quiet background, and most importantly, it is very musical. Xtreme Silver series also has the sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamic sterling silver sound of the True Silver series.

Xtreme Silver series is designed to have both the sound characteristics of WE and modern pure silver sound characteristic. It is a balance sound characteristic of WE and pure silver, thus could likely match well with most of the High-end system.

Humble Comments: If you like both the WE and Pure Silver sounds; and if you can’t decide between the Xtreme Series and True Silver series, then the best choice will be the Xtreme Silver series.

       7. Ultimate Silver Series (OCC Silver + Duelund)

Xtreme Silver series: using Xtreme Duelund series as primary base, add in OCC Silvers wires as secondarily to create a unique (DUELUND + Silver) sounds
Ultimate Silver series: using True Silver series as primary base, add in Duelund wires as secondarily to create a unique (SILVER + Duelund) sounds

Ultimate Silver Series will have the best of Xtreme series and True Silver Series with very comprehensive and almost perfect sound. Similar to Xtreme Silver series, the sound is very natural and smooth with quiet background, and very musical. It also has the sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamic silver sounds.

A simple term for the selection of top 4 series:

  1. If you like vintage Duelund Western Electric sound only, can select Xtreme series
  2. If you like modern 5N pure silver sound only, can select True Silver series
  3. If you like Duelund Western Electric sound, but would like to add pure silver sound characteristic too, can select Xtreme Silver series
  4. If you like 5N pure silver sound, but would like to add Duelund vintage WE sound characteristic too, can select Ultimate Silver series

Both the Ultimate Silver series and Xtreme Silver series, are designed to have both the sound characteristics of WE and pure silver sound characteristics. Although these 2  series are difference, but both also have the sound characteristics of WE and pure silver. Therefore, both series could likely match well with most of the High-end system.

Humble Comments: If you like both the WE sounds and the Pure Silver sounds, confidently, you can select either Xtreme Silver series or Ultimate Silver series.

Audiolund Design Philosophy

Audiolund cables are handmade and designed with emphasis on 3 aspects:-

  • Conductors/Materials – build and optimize with multiple combinations of Duelund cables (12GA/16GA/20GA) and 5N OCC Silver cables to maximize sound quality.  
  • Shielding/Reduction – with multiple different types and layers of shielding material aiming to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals, and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices (eg. electromagnetic interference EMI/RFI ). 
  • Vibration/Isolation – with multiple different type/layers of vibration control/damping material. The aim is to retain the original signal and to minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund cables sound very neutral and balance, retain original recorded sounds of Hi-Fi system fully with Duelund/OCC Silver characteristic.