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Reference Series 

Reference SeriesNew Performance/Price ratio benchmark for audiophile cables 

Signature Series 

Signature Series: Audiophiles cables with best value in sound quality

Xtreme Series

Xtreme Series: Ultimate design aided by quality of connectors

Audiolund – Design, optimize and build with Duelund cables

Audio design with Duelund cables (https://duelundaudio.com/), aka Audiolund, to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Duelund cables : “.. extremely vivid tone color, superb dynamic response, melodic sophistication, harmonic complexity, live-like timbral complexity, spooky imaging presence, natural live-like level of resolution, generous portrayal of soundstage & soundspace, a presentation so breathtakingly musical, and with such high level of intensity of emotional engagement, ‘vintage tone’ cables, with its promise to become the heir apparent to the now extinct vintage Western Electric …..» Quoted from Jeff day.                                                                                         https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/duelund-coherent-audio-dca16ga-premium-tinned-copper-vintage-tone-cable/

Audiolund cables  : Designed and handmade with multiple combinations of Duelund cables (12GA/16GA/20GA), multiple layers of shielding and multiple different types of vibration control/damping material. It has a dream ambition to set a new benchmark for Performance/price ratio for the high-end audiophile cables.