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Unique Audiophile Multicore Cables Design with Duelund Copper and 5N OCC Silver Wires


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Audiolund cables sound natural, balance, real and lively, and could challenge all the high-end brands in the market. In term of Value for Money, Audiolund cables hard to beat.

Well worth the money!

”  To describe Danny and his products would be to use words like artisan, master builder, a true professional in his communication, his build quality and sound quality of his products.

I have changed all of my cables over to Audiolund with no regrets.  

The speaker cables arrived as discussed excellent build quality.

They offered better bass, articulation throughout all frequency ranges, super quiet background.

I have used many brands, MIT, wireworld, dh labs, supra and many others, Audiolund equipped with Duelund wire is a bar setting product, an exception to the norm.                          

Well worth the money. 

– James Roseman (USA)

Enjoy music as it was intended!

” After having two pair of Xtreme series speaker cables and jumpers (to hook up my power amps with my Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers), I decided to give a try to another 2 pairs of Xtreme series of XLR Balance Interconnect cables (to hook up my DCS Rossini DAC with my McIntosh preamp and another pair to join the McIntosh C100 preamp with the power amps).

The sound results?…lifelike, colorful, natural tone, realism, full harmonic spectrum, this is not a matter of highs, lows, bass, etc. just to enjoy music as it was intended.

After years trying loads of cables, some of them from some of the most prestigious and expensive brands I realized that with this Audiolund cables based on Duelund wires the music experience is all I was looking for since long time ago.! ”    

– Elias Ron Garcia (Spain)

Western Electric Sounds : Duelund Tinned Copper cables

* Excellent Vintage Western Electric sounds, reproduced by Duelund Tinned Copper cables 

Audiolund cables are designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of Duelund tinned copper cables. Unique multicore cables design with awesome sound and excellent values for money. 

Duelund / OCC Silver Cables


Pure Silver Sounds : 5N OCC Silver / Duelund Silver Foil cables

* Excellent Modern Pure Silver sounds, reproduced by 5N OCC Silver or Duelund Silver Foil cables

Audiolund design uses only 5N (99.999%) OCC solid core silver cables and Duelund Silver Foil V1 to achieve high-fidelity pure silver modern sound.

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Basic + Classic

  • For New Audiophiles
  • Entry-level System
  • Budget and Low Cost

Reference + Signature

  • For Most Audiophiles
  • Moderate System
  • Value for Money 

Xtreme + Xtreme Silver

  • Duelund Tin Copper
  • Hi-End System* 
  • Natural + Musicality

True Silver + Ultimate Silver

  • OCC/Duelund Silver
  • Hi-End System*
  • Lively + Organics



Basic Series + Classic Series

Basic Series: Bare minimum design for users to experience the sound quality of Duelund cables

Classic SeriesEntry level Hi-Fi system for budget audiophiles with low cost Duelund tinned copper cables

Reference Series + Signature Series

Reference Series: New Performance over Price ratio with value for money for moderate Hi-Fi system 

Signature Series: Best value for sounds with high performance quality sounds for moderate Hi-Fi to High-end system 

Xtreme Series + Xtreme Silver Series*    

Xtreme Series: Extreme design aided by branded quality of connectors for Hi-end system with Top Duelund cables quality

Xtreme Silver Series: Awesome sounds with Duelund tinned copper cables mixed with 5N OCC Silver cables for Hi-end systems

True Silver Series + Ultimate Silver Series*

True Silver Series: Modern pure silver sounds with 5N OCC Silver cables and Duelund Silver Foil for Hi-end system

Ultimate Silver Series: It has the best of Xtreme series and True Silver Series with very comprehensive sound

Audiolund – Design, Optimize and Build with Duelund and OCC Silver Cables

Audio Design with Duelund Cables (, aka Audiolund, to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Duelund Tinned Copper Cables: “.. extremely vivid tone color, superb dynamic response, melodic sophistication, harmonic complexity, live-like timbral complexity, spooky imaging presence, natural live-like level of resolution, generous portrayal of soundstage & soundspace, a presentation so breathtakingly musical, and with such high level of intensity of emotional engagement, ‘vintage tone’ cables, with its promise to become the heir apparent to the now extinct vintage Western Electric. »» Quoted from Positive-Feedback, Jeff day. 

5N OCC Silver/Duelund Silver Foil Cables: Pure silver wires do not sound bright. Good quality pure silver wire in its raw state sounds wonderfully transparent and lucid. Contrary to a common believe, pure silver conductors have no noisy harsh top end nor are unpleasantly bright sounding. Good silver cables, however, are fast, dynamic, and have no interruption throughout the extension of the audio spectrum, providing exceptional detail and instrument resolution.

Audiolund Cables: Designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of Duelund cables (12GA/16GA/20GA), multiple layers of shielding and multiple different types of vibration control/damping material. It has a dream ambition to reproduce Western Electric’s sound with new benchmark of Performance/price ratio for high-end audiophile cables. At a later stage, added OCC 5N pure silver cables series and also the mixed series of Duelund cables and OCC 5N pure silver cables. We use 7 different sizes of pure silver solid cores: 15GA, 18GA, 24GA, 26GA, 28GA, 29GA and 32GA and it is very pure 99.999% (5N) OCC solid core silver cables. New versions included Duelund Silver Foil V1 wires.

  • Excellent Audiophile Vintage Western Electric sound, reproduced by Duelund Tinned Copper cables 
  • Excellent Audiophile Modern Pure Silver sound, reproduced by 5N OCC Silver/Duelund Silver Foil cables 
We do not emphasize on complicated theory of cable designs or design philosophies etc. We go for basic physics only with multicore design.
Audiolund cables are handcrafted and designed with emphasis on 3 aspects:-
  • Conductors/Materials – Build and optimize with multiple combinations of excellent quality of Duelund cables and 5N OCC Silver cables
  • Shielding/Reduction – Multiple different types and layers of shielding material, aiming to reduce signals interferences, EMI/RFI etc.
  • Vibration/Isolation – Unique damping design with various vibration damping materials, to retain original signal and to minimize signal loss

Audiolund cables sound natural, balance, real and lively. Audiolund cables sound beautifully on good setups by retaining original recorded signals and transmitting them fully. Audiolund cables could sound bad on improper setups with bad sources, sadly no compromise or hiding. 

Audiolund – About Us

We are the ordinary audiophile folks from Singapore that believe in excellent and famous Duelund cables, with its characteristic of ‘Western Electric Vintage Tone’ sounds. We aim to design and build outstanding cables, reproduce Western Electric’s sound and deliver excellent quality Audiolund cables at competitive prices. We also believe in excellent modern 5N OCC Silver and Duelund Silver Foil cables. 

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