Terms and Conditions for 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Buyers are encouraged to contact the Seller to resolve any disputes before requesting for a refund or return.

Goods Return

Full refund if item is returned in its original full working and resalable condition. Partial refunds are subjected to actual condition of goods returned.

30 days

Full Refund can only be valid if the time period has not passed 30 days, starting from the date the purchased products received by customer and the date that customer ship out the purchased products. Copy for Proof of shipping document with date is required for full refund to be processed.

Full Refund

Full refund or exchange of goods with equivalent value will only happen once the purchased goods have been received and verified by the Seller. If goods received by customer in defective condition, please inform seller immediately within 3 days, to get replacement or arrange for refund.

Shipping Fee

Shipping fee is not refundable. It is a service provided by courier company and Seller has no gain from the particular transaction.

Terms of Use: Pricing Disclaimer

We reserve the right to make changes or additions to the information and data provided, such as technical specifications, to modify product specification or designs, without prior notice

We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our website are correct. We reserve the right to amend the prices of our products without prior notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price of the product for one month from the date of placing the order.