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Audiolund cables sound Natural, Balance, Real and Lively. Audiolund cables sound beautifully on good setups by retaining original recorded signals and transmitting them fully. Audiolund cables could sound bad on improper setups with bad sources, sadly no compromise or hiding. 

Well worth the money!

”  To describe Danny and his products would be to use words like artisan, master builder, a true professional in his communication, his build quality and sound quality of his products.

I have changed all of my cables over to Audiolund with no regrets.  

The speaker cables arrived as discussed excellent build quality. They offered better bass, articulation throughout all frequency ranges, super quiet background.

I have used many brands, MIT, wireworld, dh labs, supra and many others, Audiolund equipped with Duelund wire is a bar setting product, an exception to the norm.                          

Well worth the money. 

– James Roseman (USA)

Enjoy music as it was intended!

” After having two pair of Xtreme series speaker cables and jumpers (to hook up my power amps with my Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers), I decided to give a try to another 2 pairs of Xtreme series of XLR Balance Interconnect cables (to hook up my DCS Rossini DAC with my McIntosh preamp and another pair to join the McIntosh C100 preamp with the power amps).

The sound results?…lifelike, colorful, natural tone, realism, full harmonic spectrum, this is not a matter of highs, lows, bass, etc. just to enjoy music as it was intended.

After years trying loads of cables, some of them from some of the most prestigious and expensive brands I realized that with this audiolund cables based on Duelund wires the music experience is all I was looking for since long time ago.! ”    

– Elias Ron Garcia (Spain)

Highly recommended!

Purchased this beautiful cable to connect an Audio-GD DI20HE DDC to a Gustard R26 DAC. Danny provided a custom pinouts and direction of the cable since Audio-gd uses type B standard and Gustard type A. The cable is thick, heavy and quite stiff and Danny advised me to me use some form of support under the termination (wooden blocks in my case). You need to be patient because the cable requires quite a break in time to perform at its best, but then you are rewarded with a natural tone, excellent micro dynamic, huge soundstage with tiny ambience sounds retrieval. Highly recommended to make the most from your I2S connection.

Michele Vespignani (Italy) 

Excellent build quality!

Grateful that Danny allows home demo of his cables which is quite rare (unfortunately) in the local audio scene. Tried the Xtreme and true silver series I2S cables. Much prefer the latter out of the 2 and no prizes for guessing, I made the purchase.
Cable is of excellent build quality albeit a little thick and not as flexible as I would like. But when it comes to audio, I could immediately hear an audible difference. Everything sounds much clearer, akin to lifting of the veils. More details and nuances of the music could be heard, soundstage is further enlarged with greater depths.
This deserves more attention among the audiophiles and look forward to more reviews from others as well!

Edwin Lee (Singapore)

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