49. True Silver Series ~ HDMI I2S/IIS/AV Cable (OCC Silver)

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Audiolund HDMI I2S/IIS/AV Cable ~ True Silver Series

Please provide the orientation of HDMI plugs connected to equipment, so that the HDMI plugs could be plugged in without twisting.
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Please provide the I2S pinouts of your equipment and direction of cable. For HDMI AV, it will be Standard HDMI Pinout for general Audio video, for HDMI 2.0/1.4/1.3 only and support the highest quality up to 4K of video resolution.
HDMI AV (HDMI 2.0) support up to 4K video resolution +
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Designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of 5N OCC silver wire, carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

* Please provide the I2S pinouts of your equipment and direction of cable. For HDMI AV, it will be Standard HDMI Pinout for general Audio video. *

Audiolund HDMI I2S/IIS/AV Cable ~ True Silver Series
– Use 5N OCC silver cables made in Europe, carefully shielded one by one, twisted and then soldered
– Use 24awg 5N OCC silver wire in in all the various pins, DATA+/-, BCL+/-, LRCK+/-, MLCK+/-, SCL and SDA
– Built with audiophile grade solder, carefully fine-tuned and added pin connections for all grounding too
– Use various types and multiple layers of shielding materials for shielding to reduce noise and RFI/EMI interference
– With unique damping design, use various types of anti-vibration/damping materials to suppress vibration and isolation
– 1.0m standard length with other length options

The HDMI I2S Cable True Silver Series define the new class for pure silver with distinct silky beautiful sound. It is specially built with imported 5N OCC silver wires on all major key pinouts. True Silver Series I2S Cable has a sweet, delicate, powerful, fast dynamics sound and it also has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body organic sound. The True Silver Series set a new standard for another category of the pure silver modern sound.

I²S (Inter-IC Sound), is an electrical serial bus interface standard used for connecting digital audio devices together. It is used to communicate PCM audio data between integrated circuits in an electronic device. The I²S bus separates clock and serial data signals, resulting in simpler receivers than those required for asynchronous communications systems that need to recover the clock from the data stream, thus result in much better details and excellent sound quality. I2S is better than S/PDIF or AES/EBU (AES3) because it separates the clock and the data onto separate signals.

The I2S consists of many lines: Bit clock line “continuous serial clock (SCK)”, “bit clock (BCLK)”. Word clock line “word select (WS)”, “left-right clock (LRCLK)”, multiplexed data line “serial data (SD)”, but can be called SDATA, SDIN, SDOUT, DACDAT, ADCDAT, etc. Master clock (typically 256 x LRCLK)

There is NO STANDFRD defined for the I2S pins configurations. Therefore, in order to ensure that I2S cable to function properly, would need to get the I2S layouts from audio equipment manufactures.

I2S pinouts

Please provide the I2S pinouts of your equipment and direction of cable. There are generally 2 definitions, A and B. Alternatively. please provide your equipment brand names, such streamer, Transport, DDC and DAC etc. and I could find it online.


A-Definition vs B-Definition:

HDMI I2S A Definition: Pink Faun, Wyred4Sound, Audiobyte, Wadia, Rockna, SMSL, LKS, Gustard, JAVS, Singxer

HDMI I2S B Definition: Sonore, PS Audio, Mola Mola, M2 Tech, Aune, Holo Audio, Empirical Audio, K&K Audio, Channel Islands Audio, Musica Pristina, Stahl~Tek, Matrix, DiDiT, HiFime, X-Sabre, Soundaware, Audio-gd, Denafrips, Jay’s Audio

I2S cable will work well, if I2S source to I2S playback device, provided they both adhere to the same signal configuration. So, it would be better you know the pin configuration of your CD/Transport/Streamer, as well as your DAC. If you match signal configuration correctly, the I2S Cable True Silver Series performs exceptionally well, well beyond expectations. This I2S Cable True Silver Series should be the only one built with 5N OCC Silver cables, so far that you could find in current audiophile markets.

Note: Generally, HDMI I2S performs better than RJ45 I2S. If the I2S cable is not function properly in your system, it may due to wrong I2S pin layout. Customer could request for a full refund.


Noted that if you want to use this HDMI cable for your Standard AV application, it will be built as per Standard HDMI Pinout for general Audio video, Noted that this HDMI AV support HDMI 2.0/1.4/1.3 only. It could support the highest quality up to 4K of video resolution (movies). This HDMI AV 2.0 cable is not supported 8K resolution becasue 8K resolution will require HDMI 2.1 plug. 

HDMI Plug Orientations: 

Please provide the orientation of HDMI plugs connected to equipment, so that the HDMI plug could be plugged in without twisting.



** HDMI plug is relatively weak and fragile due to its 19-pins PCA, please be careful when plug-in. Audiolund I2S cable is thick and heavy too. So, may require cable support or wooden block below HDMI plug to support the weight. Highly recommended to use with cable support for best sound.  **


OPTION: Select Cable Sleeve Color:  


 1) Default: White Strip with White Background         2) Silver Strip with White Background

Cable Run-In: Audiolund cables are mostly multi-core design with various combinations of wires. Thus, all Audiolund cables will require long time to run-in.  OCC Silver wires are thick solid core wires, will take even longer time to burn-in than Duelund tinned copper multi-strands of parallel thin core wires. The general guideline for run-in time, estimated 100 – 200 hours.  


Additional information

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  1. The notable characteristics of these cables, includes elevated sound-staging, airiness, speed, and transient response, all indicative of their ability to create a spacious and well-defined sonic image. The increased airiness and speed contribute to a more open and transparent sound, allowing for a clearer and more detailed presentation of the music’s subtle nuances and textures.
    Non-fatiguing nature of the cables enables extended listening .
    Excellent build quality too.

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  2. Following the break in of this cable it is by far the best sounding cable I have used in my system. The True Silver connects my Esoteric Grandioso P1X to the mono DACs Esoteric Grandioso D1X. The cables are easy on the eye, solidly built and sound fabulous… what more could you need! I had tried Wireworld, Audioquest, Nordost Valhalla 2 (£3,000 each). you will not go wrong with “True Silver”.

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  3. I am using the True Silver HDMI x 2 on my Esoteric Grandioso P1X and Grandioso D1X (mono blocks) and I have never been happier with the sound I am getting once the cables reached break in. They are gorgeous cables and seriously well built and sound fabulous…..what more do you need! I had tried Wireworld, Audioquest, Nordost Valhalla 2 (Cost £3,000 each). Pick True Silver and you will be more than happy.

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  4. In my view it took this cable a long time to break in. It was smooth but initially not detailed. After two weeks of burn. I ran a cd 24 hrs a day for two weeks. But the cable sounds fantastic. Richer sounding w warm sumptuous details. Highly recommended.

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  5. 用的是捷思jay’s audio的旗舰转盘,加配套的R2R解码dac3特别版,厂家一直都推荐用iis连接,之前用过pad diamond,后用单晶铜镀银,这次几乎盲狙这个品牌真银系列iis,上机效果没有让我失望,提升很明显—— 信息量足够丰富,中频饱满密度大,低频结实有力,高频细腻泛音更多。重要的是,音乐的流畅性更加好,完全没有所谓银线的亮或刺,更加耐听。 非常值得推荐!
    2023年03月25日 22:47颜色分类:HDMI I2S线(请提供I2S线序)[真银系列] 长度:0.75米
    Copied from Taobao.
    Google Translate: “I use the flagship turntable of Jay’s Audio, plus the matching R2R decoding dac3 special edition. The manufacturer has always recommended IIS connection. I used pad diamond before, and then used single crystal copper silver plating. This time I tested the true silver series IIS of this brand did not disappoint me, the improvement is obvious – the amount of information is rich enough, the middle frequency is full and dense, the low frequency is strong and powerful, and the high frequency is more delicate and overtone. The important thing is that the fluency of the music is better, there is no so-called bright or thorny silver sound at all, and it is more listenable. Very recommendable!
    March 25, 2023 22:47, HDMI I2S cable, Length: 0.75 meters

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  6. Grateful that Danny allows home demo of his cables which is quite rare (unfortunately) in the local audio scene. Tried the xtreme and true silver series I2S cables. Much prefer the latter out of the 2 and no prizes for guessing, I made the purchase.
    Cable is of excellent build quality albeit a little thick and not as flexible as I would like. But when it comes to audio, I could immediately hear an audible difference. Everything sounds much clearer, akin to lifting of the veils. More details and nuances of the music could be heard, soundstage is further enlarged with greater depths.
    This deserves more attention among the audiophiles and look forward to more reviews from others as well!

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  7. Purchased this beautiful cable to connect an Audio-GD DI20HE DDC to a Gustard R26 DAC. Danny provided a custom pinouts and direction of the cable since Audio-gd uses type B standard and Gustard type A. The cable is thick, heavy and quite stiff and Danny adviced me to me use some form of support under the termination (wooden blocks in my case). You need to be patient because the cable requires quite a break in time to perform at its best, but then you are rewarded with a natural tone, excellent microdynamic, huge soundstage with tiny ambience sounds retrieval. Highly recommended to make the most from your H2S connection.

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  8. 今晚收到货就迫不及待试听了,真是一分钱一分货,比原来的线提升更加明显,直接装上,不用对比旧线来听都听出区别了。I2S线也比同牌子的同轴线细节丰富,声场大,听感好。
    2022年07月11日 22:33颜色分类:HDMI AV线(标准HDMI 线序)[真银系列] 长度:其他长度
    Copied from Taobao. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a312a.7700824.w4002-23500685051.42.77625cbadDZ93l&id=661988626985
    Google translate: ” I can’t wait to listen to the cables tonight. It ’s really value for money, which is more obvious than the original line improvement. It’ s directly installed. You don’t need to compare the old cables to hear the difference. The I2S line is also richer than the same Coaxial cable of the same brand, the sound field is large, and the nice to hear.

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  9. Excellent cable, but very thick and stiff. Beware, especially with 0.5m. The connectors need the be oriented favorably otherwise it won’t work.

    The sound is smooth and organic, with excellent extension on both ends. It extracts more info from the recording than my former cable, the reverbs are rendered with more clarity for instance.

    You don’t feel like anything is missing, i see no shortcomings to the sound. I know Danny is working on a more flexible version. So with that issue fixed, i highly recommend the cable.

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49. True Silver Series ~ HDMI I2S/IIS/AV Cable (OCC Silver) 49. True Silver Series ~ HDMI I2S/IIS/AV Cable (OCC Silver)
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I require 2 x i2s cables at 1.5m length for an Esoteric Grandioso P1X and D1X with zero orientation and I live in Ireland and am willing to pay DHLExpress shipping. What is the lead time and final cost Jim Higgins asked on 2 September 2023
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