15. Reference Series ~ Speaker Cable (Duelund)

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Audiolund Speaker Cable ~ Reference Series

One pair of standard speaker cables will become four individual long end-end jumper speaker cables, with no 1-2 splitter plug. Slightly benefit with full end-end shielding/isolation, however, four individual cables may look messy if not placed properly.
OEM Y-Spade + Banana Plug Rhodium-plated (4 pcs + 4pcs) +
OEM Y-Spade Rhodium-plated (8 pcs, both ends) +
OEM Banana Plug Rhodium-plated (8 pcs, both ends) +
Aucharm OEM Y-Spade Gold-plated (8 pcs, both ends) +
Audiomeca OEM Y-Spade Rhodium-plated (8 pcs, both ends) +
Aucharm OEM Banana Plug Gold-plated (8 pcs, both ends) +
Viborg VS702R Pure Copper Rhodium Plated Y-Spade Plug (8 pcs, both ends) +
Viborg VB401R Pure Copper Rhodium-Plated Banana Plug (8 pcs, both ends) +
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Designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of Duelund tinned copper cables (12GA/16GA/20GA), carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund Speaker Cable ~ Reference Series

– Use 1*12GA + 1*16GA + 1*20GA Duelund tinned copper wire in both positive and negative ends of the speaker cable
– A total of 10m x 12GA + 10m x 16GA + 10m x 20GA Duelund tinned copper wires are used for 2.5 meters pair
– Use various types and multiple layers of shielding materials for shielding to reduce noise and RFI/EMI interference
– With unique damping design, use various types of anti-vibration/damping materials to suppress vibration and isolation
– 2.5m standard length with other length options
– Options: OEM Banana Plug or OEM Y Spade Plug
– Banana Plug Option: Monosaudio B801R Rhodium-Plated Banana Plug
– Y-Spade Option: Monosaudio S900R Rhodium-Plated Y-Spade Plug

The Performance/Price ratio for this Speaker cable could be used as a reference benchmark for other brands of Speaker cable. Try it to believe it.

The Speaker Cable Reference Series sound very dynamics, with high and low fluctuations are very smooth. Sound density is also very high, with full body, pure and delicate, at the same time sound very musical. The texture is natural with charming music, rich information of premium vinyl/analog sound. Duelund tinned copper wire has similar sound characteristics as the taste of the original Western Electric (WE) sound. The overall sound is very musical, and it does bring out the melodies of your music to give you a harmonious and relax experience.

My humble suggestion: Reference Series ~ Speaker Cable is designed with a balance Duelund WE typical sound characteristic, suitable for most Hi-Fi system. It should be picked as a reference cable in a balance system. Disclaimer: All the Hi-Fi setup different in term of Equipment/Speaker/Room/Accessories etc. so, you may get different results in different setup. The above suggestion is only for your reading reference only.


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  1. Vicknesh (verified owner)

    I got the Reference SC for my secondary system so I choose from the more affordable range from Audiolund. To get a sense of sound signature, I tried in my main system, replacing the Antipodes Komko silver/gold alloy SC. My entire system is cabled with Antipodes Reference or Komko cables which have fended off far more expensive and big name challengers in my system. Antipodes cables are no longer produced (the company has focused on digital network players) but were very well reviewed when they were available. I was expecting some copper forwardness and drop in sound quality but I was pleasantly surprised by the naturalness of the Audiolund cables. They were competing despite the big price difference. The build quality of Audiolund cables is also top notch that belie their price. I believe these cables represent great value. Highly recommended!

    Image #1 from Vicknesh
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