26. Xtreme Series ~ XLR Balance Interconnect Cable (Duelund)

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Audiolund XLR Balance Interconnect Cable ~ Xtreme Series

No locking button on aeco female plug; Highly recommended to place cable/wooden support below the plug for firm connection, if needed.
Monosaudio Pure Copper Rhodium Plated XLR Plugs +
Viborg XM-202R/XF-202R Rhodium Plated XLR Plugs +
aeco XLR AMI -1060G Gold Plated Plugs +
aeco XLR AMI -1060S Silver Plated Plugs +
aeco XLR AMI -1060R Rhodium Plated Plugs +
Viborg XM203AG and  XF203AG Pure Silver XLR Plugs +
Furutech FP-601M(R) + FP-602F(R) Rhodium Plated Plugs [Pre-Order 7days] +
XLR 1.0m pair only +
XLR 1.5m pair only +
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Designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of Duelund tinned copper cables (16GA/20GA), carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund XLR Balance Interconnect Cable ~ Xtreme Series
– Use 2*16GA + 2*20GA Duelund tinned copper wire in both the positive signal and negative signal of multiple wire combinations
– A total of 8m x 16GA + 8m x 20GA Duelund tinned copper wire are used for 1.0 meter pair + 2m x silver plated/copper wires for grounding
– Use various types and multiple layers of shielding materials for shielding to reduce noise and RFI/EMI interference
– With unique damping design, use various types of anti-vibration/damping materials to suppress vibration and isolation
– 1.0m standard length with other length options
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060G Tellurium copper with Gold Plated
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060S Tellurium copper with Silver Plated
– XLR Plug: aeco Taiwan XLR AMI -1060R Tellurium copper with Rhodium Plated
– Upgrade XLR Plug: Furutech FP-601M(R) + FP-602F(R) Rhodium Plated

The three XLR plugs with Tellurium Copper, plated with Gold sound slightly warmer and the Silver plated sound slightly better for silky high, where Rhodium plated sound seems to be in the middle range of the Gold plated and Silver plated. Selection of a plug is a personal preference and is a skill of arts with personal taste, selection should be varied with different audiophile system setup. Note that this observation is based on critical listening on a balance system setup. Although the differences are noticeable, but it is not as significant as compared to different series of cables/wires. As for Viborg/Monosaudio/Furutech plugs, these are famous audiophile branded Rhodium plated plugs. No locking button on aeco female plug but no functionality issue, Just place a wooden block below it if needed. 

The Interconnect XLR cable Xtreme Series have the same sound quality and characteristics of the Signature Series and the Reference Series. The Xtreme Series is further fine-tuned, improved the design with additional wire/shielding/damping and built with Aeco Taiwan or other branded XLR plugs. It is an ultimate Audiolund design designed for audiophiles who believe in quality of connectors that could bring out the full potential of the Duelund cables.

Audiolund XLR cable Xtreme series has a very comprehensive and almost perfect sound, with a very strong sound characteristic of Western Electric. The sound is very natural, details and smooth with quiet background, and most importantly very musical. We strongly believe that this cable can challenge any expensive and branded audiophile XLR cables.

My Humble Comments: Xtreme series has strong WE sound characteristic and its sound balance, natural and neutral.  True Silver Series has a sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamics sound, a typical modern Silver sound. Personally, Duelund/WE Series is always my favorite where sound more relax, details and musical to me.  True Silver Series has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body texture sound. In short, a classic vintage WE sound for Xtreme series and a modern silver sound for True Silver Series. To me, both the sounds are on par and are equally good, it is really depending on your system setup and your preferences and tastes. In another aspect, if your Hi-Fi system is based on tube amplifications, most likely you will prefer the Xtreme series, otherwise maybe you will pick Silver Series with Solid State system. I like the best part of Xtreme series is the musicality of sound and the best part of True Silver Series is the full body texture sound. Becasue of this reason, we created the mixture series of Xtreme Silver series and Ultimate Silver series.


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10 reviews for 26. Xtreme Series ~ XLR Balance Interconnect Cable (Duelund)

  1. Adrian Wang (verified owner)

    Xtreme Series ~ Interconnect Cable XLR cables are doing fine. The sound signature has the spaciousness and depth with the raw retro feel.
    The initial harshness is getting lesser day by day after running in. Based on my own experience, the effect of running in of cables is due to the insulation material covering the bare metal wires.
    Different materials have different running in times. After about 100 hours, the cable has more or less settled down. No longer have harshness in the highs. So far it’s performing well.

  2. Audiolund (store manager)

    2021年06月18日 15:46颜色分类:aeco XLR AMI-1060R 镀铑[终极系列 ,1对] 长度:1米
    Coped from Taobao, buyer: 吴***物
    Google Translate: Very domineering line, the sound of the new line is very good, it is in the pot, and I will review it after a period of time.
    June 18, 2021 15:46 Color Classification: aeco XLR AMI-1060R Rhodium-plated [Ultimate Series, 1 pair] Length: 1 meter

  3. Audiolund (store manager)

    特意用一段时间再来评价,做工不错,线身超级粗壮,很有重量感,屏蔽好,但同时也带来一些不便,我的前级插入端必须加线托! 说说声音,我是在差不多间断使用20几个小时后听到了满意的声音,均衡且有一点味道,好听!至于是不是西电声,我不知道,有厚度有韵味,但又不是我印象中一些老线的感觉,再听听! 另外就是要有匹配的电源线才能发挥,我用天仙配的感觉不搭。 总的评价是注意一下使用上的问题,声音是在此价位超值 的!
    2021年07月18日 20:55颜色分类:aeco XLR AMI-1060R 镀铑特别版[终极系列,1对] 长度:2米
    Copied from Taobao 淘宝
    Google Translate: I deliberately use it for a while to evaluate again, the workmanship is good, the line body is super thick, heavy, and shielded, but it also brings some inconvenience. My front-end plug must be added with a wire support! Talking about the sound, I heard a satisfactory sound after almost 20 hours of intermittent use. It is balanced and has a little taste. It sounds good! As for whether it is Xidiansheng or not, I don’t know. It has thickness and charm, but it is not the feeling of some old lines in my impression. Let’s listen again! The other is to have a matching power cord to play. I don’t think it’s a good match with the gods. The general evaluation is to pay attention to the problem of use, the sound is super value at this price!
    July 18, 2021 20:55 Color Classification: aeco XLR AMI-1060R Rhodium-plated Special Edition [Ultimate Series, 1 pair] Length: 2 meters

  4. Audiolund (store manager)

    As I build my system I have been on the lookout for XLR cables. Like in every other category in hi-fi the cable world is a jungle. Early on I set a $1000 or less for a pair of XLR. I did move that up to 1500 and back down. I did try a few from $160 to $1400. Few weeks ago I came across something that poked my interest. A young man in Singapore making cables from Duelund wire. I know Duelund and have been using Duelund for a few years and it is an exceptionally good inexpensive wire. So I started to read what was said on the web page, then started a chat with the young man, Danny. I followed my instinct and it told me Danny was not a fake clown. So I picked a cable, paid for it, he made it, (think about it – made to order not multi corporate wire) shipped it and man – every single thing he said is true. His cables are better. The unmistakable Duelund “sound” is ther (clean, open and musical) but there is a lot more. I am hearing small details I have not picked up before, echoing around a voice, springs when the snare drum is hit and so forward. But so musical ….
    If you are looking for high quality cables look at https://audiolund.com/products/
    I for one can speak for the quality and craftsmanship of Dannies XLR cable. I did pay just over 700US $ for cable and FedEx shipping
    I am returning cables that cost 1000US$ plus and do not stand a chance against Dannies handmade cable – for less.
    Reviewed by Finnbogi Sigurdur Marinosson, Aug 13, 2021
    Copied from Facebook.

  5. Finnbogi Marinosson (verified owner)

    Best XLR money can buy on the internet and best service I have had from any cable maker. No bullshit. No crap. Just just good trustworthy guy who makes awesome cable. This is the second time I buy a cable from Audiolund and all is perfect. Thank you.

  6. Chris T

    Excellent cable! Characterized by a slightly warm tone, great timber, fuller body, and extended lows. You can also get a good sense of the air and atmosphere. Impressive, regardless of price. Takes at least 72 hours for it to shed the initial fuzz.

    This series of cables is thick, and will need some manipulation. The sound is absolutely worth it though 👍🏻

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

  8. Elias Ron Garcia (verified owner)

    After having two pair of Xtreme series speaker cables and jumpers (to hook up my power amps with my Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers), I decided to give a try to another 2 pairs of Xtreme series of XLR Balance Interconnect cables (to hook up my DCS Rossini DAC with my Mcintosh preamp and another pair to join the Mcintosh C100 preamp with the power amps). The sound results?…lifelike, colorful, natural tone, realism, full harmonic spectrum, this is not a matter of highs, lows, bass, etc. just to enjoy music as it was intended. After years trying loads of cables, some of them from some of the most prestigious and expensive brands I realized that with this audiolund cables based on Duelund wires the music experience is all I was looking for since long time ago.

  9. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Bomb-proof build quality, and exceptional value for money. Used between my pre amp and power amp. Have just ordered a 2nd set to connect my DAC to the preamp.

  10. Mark P. (verified owner)

    This is my second set of these exceptionally high quality XLR interconnects.

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