33. Xtreme Series ~ Power Cord (Duelund)

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Audiolund Power cord ~ Xtreme Series

To enhance "Vintage tone" of WE sound characteristics by adding Genuine NOS Western Electric cable, 2x1.5m for Power Cord 1.5m.
Power Cord 1.5m only +
Use 3x12GA + 3x20GA Duelund tinned copper wires, designed for High Power Amp or Main Power Distributor/Extension.
Special Edition for High Power +
Viborg VM512G/VF512G Gold Plated US Plugs +
Viborg VM512S/VF512S Silver Plated US Plugs +
Viborg VM512R/VF512R (Transparent Color) Rhodium Plated US Plugs +
Viborg VM502R/VF502R (Black color) Rhodium Plated US Plugs +
Viborg VM502R/VF521R 20A Rhodium Plated US Plugs +
Viborg VE502G/VF502G Gold Plated Schuko EU Plugs +
Viborg VE502R/VF502R Rhodium Plated Schuko EU Plugs +
Viborg UK-01R/VF502R Rhodium Plated UK 3-pin Plugs +
Viborg VM504Ag/VF504Ag Pure Solid Silver US Plugs +
Viborg VE504Ag/VF504Ag Pure Solid Silver Schuko EU Plugs (Pre-order 7 days) +
Furutech FI-11M-N1(G)/FI-11-N1(G) 24K Gold-plated US Plugs +
Furutech FI-11M-N1(R)/FI-11-N1(R) Rhodium-plated US Plugs +
Furutech FI-UK NCF (R)/FI-11-N1(R) Rhodium plated UK Plugs (Pre-Order 7 days) +
Furutech FI-50M NCF(R)/FI-50 NCF(R) Rhodium-plated US Plugs (Pre-order 7 days) +
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Designed and handcrafted with multiple combinations of Duelund tinned copper cables, carefully fine-tuned to achieve highest sound quality and minimize signal transmission loss.

Audiolund Power cord ~ Xtreme Series
– Use 3x 12GA + 2x 20GA Duelund tinned copper wire of multiple wire combinations in both Live (L) and Neutral (N) + 2x ground wires
– A total of 9m x12GA + 6m x20GA Duelund tinned copper wire are used for 1.5 meter + 3m 14GA silver plated/copper wires for Ground (G)
– Use various types and multiple layers of shielding materials for shielding to reduce noise and RFI/EMI interference
– With unique damping design, use various types of anti-vibration/damping materials to suppress vibration and isolation
– 1.5m standard length with other length options
– Standard: Furutech FI-11(G) High Performance 24-K Gold-plated Power Plug
– Upgrade: Furutech FI-11(R) High Performance Rhodium-plated Power Plug
– Upgrade: Furutech FI-E11(R) Schuko EU High Performance Rhodium plated pair (Pre-Order)
– Upgrade: Furutech FI-UK1363(R) High Performance Rhodium plated pair (Pre-Order), *Note: UK Plug contain 13A fuse
– Upgrade: Furutech FI-UK NCF(R) Top-of-the-Line UK Mains Connector Rhodium-plated pair (Pre-Order)
– Upgrade: Furutech FI-50 NCF(R) Ultimate Power Connector Series Rhodium-plated pair (Pre-Order)
– Upgrade: Viborg various Power Plugs, Viborg VM504Ag/VF504Ag Pure Solid Silver US Plugs (Recommended)

Special Edition for High Power

  • Use 3x 12GA + 3x 20GA Duelund tinned copper wires, multiple combinations in both Live (L) and Neutral (N) + 2x 15GA silver plated copper wires for Ground (G)
  • Specially designed for High Power Amp or Main Power Distributor/Extension
  • Standard power cable cross sectional area in square millimeters is est. 10.55mm2 (Duelund) and Special Edition for high power cable cross sectional area in square millimeters is est. 11.48mm2 (Duelund)

The Power Cord Xtreme Series have the same sound quality and characteristics of the Signature Series and the Reference Series. The Xtreme Series is further fine-tuned, improved the design with additional wire/shielding/damping and built with Furutech audiophile Plugs. It is an ultimate Audiolund design designed for audiophiles who believe in quality of connectors that could bring out the full potential of the Duelund cables.

Audiolund Power cord Xtreme series has a very comprehensive and almost perfect sound, with a very strong sound characteristic of Western Electric. The sound is very natural, details and smooth with quiet background, and most importantly very musical. We strongly believe that this cable can challenge any expensive and branded audiophile power cords.

My Humble Comments: Xtreme series has strong WE sound characteristic and its sound balance, natural and neutral.  True Silver Series has a sweet, delicate, powerful and fast dynamics sound, a typical modern Silver sound. Personally, Duelund/WE Series is always my favorite where sound more relax, details and musical to me.  True Silver Series has a stronger tone, warmer with richer full body texture sound. In short, a classic vintage WE sound for Xtreme series and a modern silver sound for True Silver Series. To me, both the sounds are on par and are equally good, it is really depending on your system setup and your preferences and tastes. In another aspect, if your Hi-Fi system is based on tube amplifications, most likely you will prefer the Xtreme series, otherwise maybe you will pick Silver Series with Solid State system. I like the best part of Xtreme series is the musicality of sound and the best part of True Silver Series is the full body texture sound. Becasue of this reason, we created the mixture series of Xtreme Silver series and Ultimate Silver series.


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3 reviews for 33. Xtreme Series ~ Power Cord (Duelund)

  1. Kuan (verified owner)

    Took almost 2 weeks of continuous run-in to bring out the goodness of the cables, my patience paid off tremendously. If you know and enjoy Duelund cable signature, Audiolund cables are definitely for you, tonality and balance were spot-on in my system. As I understand, Danny’s cable recipes had gone through numerous iterations to arrive at where they are today. I use the True Silver series cables for all my digital, and Extreme Series for all my analogue needs. They are amazing once the cables started to settle in, just letting the music and emotions to flow through. Extreme Silver series will be next for me, hoping to taste the cherry on top of the cake with the selective use of OCC Silver cables. Truly artisanal products from an amazingly talented and humble craftsman.

  2. Audiolund (store manager)

    fantastic customer service, fast shipping and a quality product equal to cables costing many times more. This is my second purchase.
    2021年11月16日 09:27颜色分类:古河FI-11(G)镀金配对插头[终极系列] 长度:1.5米
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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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